Gold Star OIl Products

1 Gram Retail Ready Package

  1. High Quality 100% Dry Sift Cannabis kief
  2. On average it takes 5 grams of high quality plant material to make 1 gram of kief
  3. Phase III Purity and Quality Tested for:
    1. Pesticides
    2. THC content
    3. THCa Content
    4. CBD content
    5. Heavy Metals
    6. Foreign Matter
    7. Microbial impurities
    8. Active Water Content
    9. Mycotoxins

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Kief Product Info By Batch

Forbidden Fruit Kief

Strain - Forbidden Fruit Batch ID #

Forbidden Fruit is a tasty Indica strain with tasty a flavor and predominant purple color.   The smell has a noticeable fruity aroma not commonly found in other strains.

Distributed Through ODC Oakland Distributing Company & Cloud 9 Distro

Gold Star Oil has distributed this batch through ODC and can be found at these select dispensaries and delivery services

Qualicanna Delivery Service

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Delivery Service

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Cloud 9 Distro

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Gold Star Oil products

Menu / Price List

Gold Star Oil products

RECOMMENDED Vaporizer for use with Gold Star Kief


Gold Star recommends using the Trippy Stix Vaporizer 3.0

If you prefer to smoke your kief directly with a vaporizing pen click the link below to find your Trippy Stix Vaporizer.   Just pack in a 1/4 to 1/2 gram of our Gold Star Kief.   We recommend this vaporizer due to its high quality and performance over all other units.   The advantage of smoking Kief directly is that there is very little ash byproduct from the kief material and you get to vaporize the minimum amount of plant material relative to the THC content.  Maximum THC with minimum plant material.   Gold Star Oil uses a "solventless" kief making process to ensure you get the purest form of THC in the most natural way possible.    If you have ever wanted to smoke just the hairs and crystals off the plant, this is the way to do it.   By smoking kief directly you know exactly what you are smoking.   No more worrying about what residual solvents are left in your smoking product because there isn't any.

Click to go to Trippy Stix Website to purchase

Gold Star Oil supports Trippy Stix and their line of high quality Vaporizing hardware.

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